‘The Catch Up’ Beta

For my digital artefact for the BCM302 subject, I decided to create a podcast with my mother called The Catch Up.


Initially, I had hoped to create a weekly podcast where we would discuss a broad range of topics from world events to pop culture and everything in between. We soon discovered that to cover so many topics would mean that we were only able to briefly comment on each and as a result, we felt that we couldn’t give each topic enough attention. So, we decided to shift our focus to only discuss one or two topics in each episode to allow us to discuss them in much more detail.

From the feedback, I had received from fellow students I decided to stick with my initial idea for episodes to run for 15 to 30 minutes each. There have been a few episodes that we have recorded which have run over this time limit however I have decided to still upload them as I think they are worthwhile discussions and to cut an episode short to fit in a time limit would mean that we couldn’t discuss a topic as well as we would like to.

I have noticed that a few of the episodes that we have recorded have taken on an interview style format. This is something that I will be exploring more over the next few episodes and will decide whether to follow in this direction or to stay with our initial chatty format.

Another piece of feedback that I received was the suggestion of putting the topics of each podcast in the title of the episodes so listeners would know what we would be discussing. This was an easy fix for the episodes that I had already uploaded and is something that I will easily be able to incorporate into future uploads as well.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.53.07 pm.png

To further develop from here, I will need to commit to uploading episodes more regularly as well as sharing the episodes more often and to more social media platforms to cast a wider net of possible listeners.

5 thoughts on “‘The Catch Up’ Beta

  1. Hey Aysha,

    After following your podcast for the last few weeks, it’s great to see how far you’ve come in regard to layout, time frame and overall engagement with your audience.

    It’s good to see you identify the iterations that your podcast has undergone, specifically in regard to the length of the podcasts. Restricting yourself in regard to time is quite hard, like you mention you aren’t going to cut yourself short for the sake of the time frame. Entirely engaging with the conversation is best as it allows for variety. In regard to defining this, it was beneficial that you engaged with the audience to determine an outcome, highlighted with your poll on twitter about the length of podcasts.

    I quite like your idea to do an interview style podcast, it allows you to reach a larger audience and potentially invite guests to the show to speak about specific topics. This could also allow for variety and engage with feedback from your twitter poll of 50/50 light hearted content and heavy content.

    To incorporate both these ideas you could talk about the recent death of the The Beaumont Children’s Mother. I know this happened a while ago now, although it was a huge case and is still currently a huge mystery! Everyone seems to love true crime, murder mystery’s as you speak about in episode one. You could do an interview with your mum of what she remembers of the news articles about the case and what the public was doing?

    Here are some links if you’re interested!

    Mothers Death: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/unsolved-mystery-of-beaumont-kids-hounds-mother-nancy-to-her-grave/news-story/3408a93d9504fd0a486fa9cb668c6123
    Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_the_Beaumont_children
    Podcast: https://player.whooshkaa.com/all-aussie-mystery-hour?episode=264767 (Season 1 Episode 1)

    On a lighter note, your last podcast of ‘fineable offences’ was quite conversational, and this was really enjoyable to listen to. What might be fun to do for a similar style podcast is to unpopular opinions and your mums opinions on them, or, if you’re willing to, actually download bumble (like you say in the podcast) and get your mum to talk on the dating app and run the app for you, in all honesty could have the potential to be really good.

    These are all just ideas that I think would engage a larger audience as you cover a variety of topics, hopefully you like some of them! You should also try posting your podcasts to subreddits to engage with another audience to receive a larger public feedback.

    Furthermore, your overall progression from your pitch has clearly undergone a variety of feedback iterations; such as naming your podcast so people know what you’re talking about. You have a clear future trajectory and a huge platform to work with and on. The layout of your beta was easy to navigate around and images and texts provided in the blog emphasise your points stated in the video. You and your mum have charismatic nature and it’s a really engaging to listen to, it allows for an immediate focus into what you guys are talking about. Your digital artefact has much potential to achieve greatness on all levels. I hope some of the topics stated help you determine some future ideas for podcasts.

    Overall, great work and looking forward to hearing the others!

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