‘The Catch Up’ Pitch

For my digital artefact for the BCM302 subject this semester, I decided to take the plunge and try something new and create a podcast!

My podcast will be hosted by myself and my mum and is titled “The Catch Up”. It will be a weekly commentary on what has happened in the world in the past week.

Your hosts: my mother and I.

It will only be a short podcast of about 15-30 minutes as I think this will be better option for people who aren’t interested in investing an hour into listening. However, the length of the podcast is something that I will be happily taking feedback on, as I would really like to know how long of a podcast people are interested in listening to.

I haven’t yet released any episodes of my podcast but hope to release my first episode this weekend.

I will gladly be taking on any and all feedback I receive as this is a whole new experience for me and will come with lots of learning.


* * *

Some podcasts that I came across while forming my ideas that might be worth checking out:

Call Your Girlfriend (for long-distance besties)

Pop Culture Happy Hour (general pop culture rundown)

Life In Limboland (millennial struggles)

#Millennial (millennial commentary)

9 thoughts on “‘The Catch Up’ Pitch

  1. Hey Aysha,

    Firstly I’m a huge nerd for podcasts so I’m already interested!

    I think the idea of discussing events from the past week in a podcast is a great way to inform todays online society about daily news and information. Personally, living away from home/not having a T.V I find myself disconnected from current affairs. When I do look up the news on websites I tend to be disinterested in reading articles or listening to biased news stations report on a topic.

    I think the general idea of discussing the weekly news in a 15-30 minute podcast has a lot of potential, however I think you may find, some weeks theres a lot of content that may in-fact take up the whole time frame. Have you thought about the potential to do two 15-30 minute podcasts a week? That way you can focus on the more serious news; world events and then another on the light hearted; pop culture/random topics like you mentioned. This way you also have a specific target audience for each podcast, as someone may be more interested listening to a pop culture/random topics than world events.

    I definitely thinking podcasting is the future way to communicate everyday news and events, just like you’re intending to do. I came across this article in my research for another DA where I am intending on doing a podcast, the simplicity of the post really helped me think about the future of podcasts and how they should be represented and created.Overall it benefited the development of how I wish to evolve my podcast experience and I hope you find the same benefit from it.


    You have a clear and well thought out approach to this podcast, which is vital in order to make not only your DA but your podcast in general successful. I believe that your twitter polls will be an extremely viable tool in defining a utility and methodology, as well as a way to clearly identify what exactly you want for the podcasts and what your listeners want from the podcast. You could even do an Instagram poll to target a non-DA based group. Overall, your pitch was great! Concise yet informative, including all relevant data to understand your concept, methodology and utility. I liked that you included some other podcasts where you will be drawing your inspiration from, it allows your readers to understand the direction you wish to head in. Lastly, including the photo of you and your mum is a nice touch, I always find it interesting to know the faces to voices in podcasts.

    This is a podcast I love, not only because of what they talk about but the banter and “sh*t talking” between the two of them, https://player.whooshkaa.com/shows/all-aussie-mystery-hour, definitely check it out if you have some time!

    Great work! Looking forward to hearing the podcast!


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