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The Rise and Rise of Fake News

In the Trumpian era, it feels as though no one is safe from hearing the now-infamous words “fake news” for longer than a few days. A term coined long before its adoption by Donald Trump, fake news is beginning to become more prevalent in our everyday lives, even more so than we first may realise. But because of this, how has the way in which we consume information changed? Continue reading “The Rise and Rise of Fake News”

Tweet tweet, it’s time to watch a movie…

Last semester I completed a subject that involved regular live-tweeting activities, so when I started the BCM325 subject this semester and discovered that I would once again be regularly live-tweeting, I thought: “I’ve got this down pat. This will be easy!”. Now, who’s Pat? I don’t know. But one thing I do know is, I suck at live-tweeting… Anything I thought I had learned from my previous subject went out the window the second the first screening of this semester started. And on the note of our first screening, we started things off “easy” with the 1927 film Metropolis which was somehow both silent and in German… We’re in for a long semester.

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DA Pitch Feedback

Being my last semester at uni (and the end of a 6-year journey…) I have come to a point in my studies where I want nothing more than to be finished. Throw in some self-isolation and the inability to leave my house and you can bet my motivation levels have hit an all-time low.

With that being said, due dates wait for no one, and so here we are! This week I have been tasked with engaging with some of my fellow BCM325 students’ Digital Artefact Pitches.

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